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Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish
Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish

Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish is a gelled modified polyurethane varnish. It creates a rich patina and provides a true hand-rubbed finish that protects against heat, water and alcohol.
Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish dries quickly - free from dust specks and brush marks.
Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish is ideal for woodwork, kitchen cabinets, and all wood furniture.


Circa 1850 Antique Paste Varnish can be applied onto bare, stained or finished wood. Use Circa 1850 Furniture Cleaner to remove all dirt, wax and polish. If desired, use Circa 1850 Furniture Stripper, Heavy Body Remover, or Soft•Strip to remove any existing paint or varnish. Sand thoroughly in wood grain direction. Progress from higher to lower grit sandpaper as follows:
150 --> 180 (soft woods - pine, fir, spruce, etc.)
120 --> 150 (hard woods - oak, ash, birch, maple, etc.)

APPLICATION: Avoid working in direct sunlight or wind. Do not stir. Apply without dilution. Apply a generous coat of Antique Paste Varnish with a cheese cloth or other lint-free cloth. Rub gently in a circular motion to allow penetration into the wood. Immediately wipe in the direction of the grain to remove the excess. Let dry for 12-24 hours. To smooth out the surface between coats, buff lightly with Circa 1850 Finishing Pads or steel wool (0000). Apply a second coat in the same manner as the first. To obtain a finish that is a bit shinier, a third and fourth coat may be applied, always waiting 24 hours between coats.

DRY TIME: Allow 24 hours prior to normal use. Avoid heavy traffic on floors for at least 72 hours. Dry time may be affected by high humidity, temperatures below 20C (68F), or application of thick coats.

CLEAN-UP: Clean up using Klenk's Mineral Spirits, Klenk's Paint Thinner or Circa 1850 Turpentine.

More Info
Product Code: 1805
Size: Case Pack:
250 mL (½ pt) 6
946 mL (1 qt) 6

Choosing the Right Finish

  • MAX COVERAGE: 9m²/L (100ft²/qt)

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