Swing Paints


Swing Professional Removers are clean, non-grain raising strippers designed for removing paint, varnish, polyurethane, lacquer, moisture cure, etc. They do not contain any caustic or water, and are non-flammable. ...READ MORE Swing<br>Professional Removers
Professional Removers
Wallpaper Prep-Coat is an acrylic water-based coating used by virtually every professional wallpaper hanger to prepare and condition the wall prior to hanging wallpaper. It totally eliminates the need to sand ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Wallpaper Prep-Coat
Circa 1850
Wallpaper Prep-Coat
Wallpaper Hang-Rite is a patented paste activator for prepasted wallpaper. It is a concentrated solution that is added to the water in the wallpaper tray to prevent insufficient wetting as well as paste wash-off. ...READ MORE Swing<br>Wallpaper Hang-Rite
Wallpaper Hang-Rite
Swing Wallpaper Remover removes wallpaper and paste residue form any surface. The concentrate makes enough for 30L. Penetrates quickly. Swing<br>Wallpaper Remover
Wallpaper Remover