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Epoxies & Adhesives

Circa 1850 Chair-Loc is a unique product designed to tighten loose joints. Chair-Loc is not a glue. It expands the wood fibres to provide a tight fit. Chair-Loc can be used to fix wobbly chair rungs and table legs and to ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Chair-Loc Wood Sweller
Circa 1850
Chair-Loc Wood Sweller
Circa 1850 Plastic Resin Glue is a powdered, pre-catalyzed adhesive.Once mixed with water and applied to wood surfaces, it forms a high strength,water-resistant bond that is stronger than wood itself. Circa 1850 Plastic ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Plastic Resin Glue
Circa 1850
Plastic Resin Glue
Circa 1850 NU-LUSTRE-27 Brush-On (UV-STABLE) is a thick,high gloss epoxy finish. It can be applied onto vertical surfaces using a brush - one coat equals up to 27 coats of varnish. Nu-Lustre-27 is UV-Stable, remaining ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Nu-Lustre-27 Brush-On
Circa 1850
Nu-Lustre-27 Brush-On
Circa 1850 NU-LUSTRE-55 is a thick, high gloss epoxy finish. One coat of NU-LUSTRE-55 equals up to 55 coats of varnish. It can be applied over newspaper or magazine clippings, photographs, leather, wood, ceramic, rocks, ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Nu-Lustre-55
Circa 1850
Circa 1850 NU-LUSTRE-57 (UV-STABLE) is a thick, high gloss epoxy finish.One coat of NU-LUSTRE-57 equals up to 57 coats of varnish. Nu-Lustre-57 is UV-Stable, remaining clear when other epoxies will slowly amber. It can be ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Nu-Lustre-57 UV-Resistant
Circa 1850
Nu-Lustre-57 UV-Resistant
Circa 1850 NU-LUSTRE-66 is a thick, high gloss epoxy finish. One coat of NU-LUSTRE-66 equals up to 66 coats of varnish. Nu-Lustre-66 is HEAT-Stable, remaining clear when other epoxies will haze or deform when hot objects are ...READ MORE Circa 1850<br>Nu-Lustre-66 Heat-Resistant
Circa 1850
Nu-Lustre-66 Heat-Resistant